Character CD vol 7. Russia

Kolkolkolkolkol >3

No tuve que esperar hasta el 20 de enero para escuchar y volverme loco de felicidad con el CD character de Russia! *-*

Oh si! Sí uno de mis últimos pecados es ser fanatico de Axis Power Hetalia, agarrenme que soy culpable! xDDDD! El personaje con el que más me identifico es Russia, puede ser lindo y todo sedita o un maldito sadico, pervertido y te aplastara si eres debil! x3… No toques su tuberia si no quieres salir herido. Además ama a los girasoles y yo como tengo la suerte de encontarme con personas que aman los girasoles..ñam…pocholatita i love you! x///3.

Si, ya se, es raro que yo hable de cosas relacionadas con anime, mangas o cualquier cosa relacionada con el nippon =3!.  Pero hoy si me daré ese gusto dejandoles la descarga!. >3

Se uno con Russia y descarga!!

Otro de los que espero es el CD de China *0*!… China-san te amo!…x///3. En fin seguiré de euforico por los proximos días.

Feliz inicio de semana!



Funny how two cultures interact

I do not want to write in Spanish, nor is much English but I try to defend myself.
Today I went to the fair’s 400th anniversary of  relations Mexico – Japan, it was fun hearing several people speak Japanese, more for children…

I guess if one day I’ll take care of a child, send him to study Japanese Lyceum. I realized it’s not so expensive to travel to Japan and this time is at 2 x 1, Is not it great that ?…. Take videos, I guess those will go up later. AH!!… And I found manju (steamed bread) of rajas, red and green mole, really tasty ^-^!

Among other things, I started another drawing rochu (Russia x China), must know that now I declare myself a fan of the Hetalia and most of that couple * note here for personal reasons * indeed, really miss my ‘personal reason’ u////u~ I guess the weekend was a little confusing and I could not have seen her, really I miss her very much…

RoChu is love :3!!

Well… I guess that’s all for today, I promised a lot of music, there are things I have in the tray waiting, so, I will give out soon.

Look after!